Why working with ENGIBEX?


Measured know-how

Via deep technological understanding and project involvement, ENGIBEX understands perfectly which expertise could make the difference for customers’ projects: Either on building further on existing know-how or by assigning new expertise. It is a great benefit that our collaborators speak the same language as our customers. They are experts who they can speak to…

Efficient and flexible

Our engineers are instantly available for a variety of engineering disciplines. They are open minded professionals able to adapt with a minimal run-time in different technical and cultural environments. Additionally, a project may be wholly or partially entrusted to ENGIBEX in order to reduce endless administrative bureaucracy.

Tailored Engineering Support

Our goal is to act as a real Engineering Solution Partner. Besides providing technical experts, we are pleased to make offices available in Brussels or Antwerp to realise projects on insourcing basis, to offer specific hardware, to propose software licenses, to make technical audits, to manage complete Offshore activities, …

Higher return on investment

Because our customers can bet on experienced experts, tailored to the company and adapted to a particular project, the company incorporates efficient and effective knowledge.

Constant Training

Our employees get permanently in touch with the latest technology which makes it necessary to familiar everyone with all the novelties on the market. That’s why it seems natural to us to provide regular trainings in innovative technologies.

Close follow-up of our professionals

To boost the added value on projects, we guarantee frequent formal Project Reviews. A regular follow-up gives us the possibility to monitor and coach consultants on projects. It ensures stability and involvement on the project.

International openness with local respect

ENGIBEX was created by a Belgian entrepreneur with a strong local and worldwide engineering network. His goal is to bring national and international expertise with respect to local cultures and values. To strengthen local affinity, ENGIBEX decided to open offices in Antwerp and Brussels.