Working @ Engibex : why joining Us?

Personal development

Becoming an ENGIBEX consultant doesn’t mean only being a technical specialist. By working on different projects in different sectors, you learn how to adapt yourself to different cultures and environments. Additionally, we encourage entrepreneurship to inspire consultants to play an active role in the development of ENGIBEX.

Measured coaching

Our consultants are closely followed-up by Business Managers who are also specialists in a particular field. This means a lot of well-judged advice. They build together with the engineers a clear career path to take future opportunities. To guarantee stability on projects they constantly strive to fulfill both the career desires of consultants and the needs of customers.

Continuous training

Sharing knowledge is a fundamental objective of ENGIBEX. As a specialist in technical consultancy, it feels like natural to provide trainings in specific skills, tools or methodologies. Additionally, our consultants can always rely on colleagues and internal know-how. Thus, we ensure that our best experts work along with the latest developments in their field. Combined with their experience, it creates a significant added value to their personal and professional progress.

Deep Technological Network

With our extensive know-how of the technological landscape in Belgium, we are at the source of new tendencies on the market. This creates exciting opportunities as well as huge challenges for people active in the field.